Solar Panel Charger for AA / 5 Battery

Solar Panel Charger for AA / 5 Battery

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Features: Using solar panel absorb sunlight and then transfer solar energy into electricity. Energy saving: Using solar panel to supply electricity, it is inexhaustible. Environmental protection: No pullution, no noise, no radiation. High efficiency: It can be fully charged in short time to meet the work or entertainment needs. Long lifetime: It is high-tech products with reliable quality. Suitable for the charging of 4 * AA/5 batteries. Lightweight and compact, it is easy to carry. Note:The grid line permutation of the solar panel may have a slight difference, but it does not affect the product function. Usage: 1. Place the charger under the sunshine, it will start charging. 2. Rotating the bottom of the product clockwise, open the battery cover and then put your rechargeable battery in it. Notice: Please keep it in plenty of sunshine while charging, otherwise it will affect the charging effect. Do not use or place it near fire source. Do not use or place it in water or make it wet. Do not short circuit the battery with metal conductor.

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