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The Royal Pavilion started as a modest 18th century lodging house. Architect Henry Holland helped George, Prince of Wales, transform his humble seaside retreat into a handsome neo-classical villa – known as the Marine Pavilion. In 1815 George, by now Prince Regent, hired the eminent architect John Nash, to redesign the building in the Indian style. The work was completed in 1823 by which time George had become King. It is this building, an instantly recognisable symbol of Brighton, which we see today. Why visit the Royal Pavilion? We're a former Royal Palace right in the city centre, surrounded by the beautiful Royal Pavilion Gardens. We have audio guides in many languages, a fabulous Tearoom and well stocked gift shop. There's loads to do nearby and we're only a 5 min walk from the beach, so why not make a day of it?    

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