Paragon Skydive - Canyon Experience

Paragon Skydive - Canyon Experience

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TANDEM SKYDIVE Your cruise to altitude will give you breathtaking scenes over the Grand Canyon, the jump door will be opened and you get to the moment when its your turn to jump out attached to your experienced USPA qualified instructor. You will exit the aircraft at jump altitude, and feel the wind in your face as your instructor stabilizes your free fall, the canopy opens and you can take the time to enjoy the surreal experience of the flight swooping back down to earth. CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT Proof that you are a badass Only people that jump out of a moving aircraft at the Grand Canyon are eligible to receive one VIDEO You can relive your skydiving experience over and over… Using wrist-mounted high-resolution cameras, our instructors will capture your entire skydive experience for you to share with your friends and family. The Paragon Skydive video will include; your pre-flight training, the amazing flight up, your free fall, canopy ride and landing back at the airport, the entire adventure can be digitally recorded for you. Our professional video editing staff will put together the best shots to the music of your choice (a selection of music will be available). We highly recommend a Video especially if it’s your first jump! This experience is not something you are going to want to forget. Video will be given to you on a USB for easy upload and sharing with friends. PHOTOS Still photos will be available, your tandem instructor will take these through out your whole experience and are taken as part of the video if you choose the combo package. (It is easier to do them together!) They will be provided on a USB drive for easy sharing, uploads and proof you did it You can get them at a discount with the video in one of our packages or as an optional add-on to the Naked Skydive

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