Arteara Camel Park

Arteara Camel Park

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We’ll collect you and bring you to Arteara, a valley that is at the crossroads between the green north and the arid south, a contrast that has led to a striking landscape. There will be time to check out the picturesque village of Fataga, including the beautiful whitewashed church.  Then it’s time for the highlight of the day. You will ride a dromedary (single-humped) camel for about three-quarters of an hour across palm groves. Camels were introduced to the Canaries 600 years ago by the Castilians during their conquest of the islands. Nowadays, there are more than 150 on Gran Canaria.  Following the ride we’ll settle down for a snack consisting of a sandwich and a juice. After lunch, well take a scenic route back to the coast to drop you back to your hotel. 

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