Go Airlink NYC - JFK to Manhattan

Go Airlink NYC - JFK to Manhattan

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How does Share Ride work? If you are going to JFK airport: The driver picks up passengers in order from the destinations furthest from the airport to the closest. Your pick-up time will depend on the relationship between your location and how many other share passengers will be picked up and their respective locations. If you are the furthest away from the airport, you will be picked up relatively early to your flight time and will have to visit other locations to pick up share passengers before arriving at the airport. We guarantee that you will arrive to the airport on time. If you are leaving from JFK airport: Simply proceed to the Ground Transportation Desk in your arriving terminal and present the Go Airlink NYC voucher you printed. They also have FREE courtesy phones in every terminal at the baggage claim area. The driver picks up passengers by terminal. Please understand that if you are at the first terminal for pick up, you will have priority seating in the vehicle but it may take time to travel to the other terminals to pick up share passengers before leaving the airport. After all of the passengers have been picked up from their respective terminals, the driver will drop off passengers in order of the closest destination point to the furthest. If your destination is the furthest away from the airport, you will have to wait for the other share ride passengers to be dropped off at their respective destinations before arriving at your final point. Please remember to allow for sufficient travel time to JFK Airport. Please take traffic into consideration when booking your reservation.  Please keep in mind that they cannot control traffic, flight delays and other unforeseen circumstances that may increase travel time. Go Airlink NYC JFK Airport share-ride shuttles: Up to 11 passengers. Share ride shuttle with other travelers, allows you to meet new people and socialize! Economical, environmentally friendly. 24 hour/ 7 days a week transportation service. Door to door service Baggage allowance: 1 Suitcase per person and 1 small carry-on per person.

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