Downhill Bike Ride Benidorm

Downhill Bike Ride Benidorm

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Even if you haven't ridden a bike for many years, downhill cycling is easy to do, as it is downhill all the way and a nice smooth ride at your own pace. Just a couple of tiny uphill bits, but very manageable. With stops for photo opportunities and a visits to tiny villages, on with stop for lunch at the 'Cannibals' restaurant [ optional extra]. You can take a packed lunch or picnic with you if you prefer and belongings can be left in the van. You will have British guides with a wealth of knowledge they are happy to share with you on you adventure day out with Downhill Bikes and they have some amusing tales to tell you too. Imagine a land of discovery with majestic mountains and dramatic gorges. Fertile valleys and Moorish castles and quaint villages with abundant wildlife and soaring eagles. Now you can enjoy all of this on your Downhill Bike Ride where imagination turns into a wonderful reality!      

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