The Victoria 6000 Pocket Spring Natural Divan Bed-Small Double-2 Drawers Either Side

The Victoria 6000 Pocket Spring Natural Divan Bed-Small Double-2 Drawers Either Side

$ 2149.09
Brand: The Chelsea Bed Co
Product Code: 19889_266475_1010-Small Double-2 Drawers Either Side
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The epitome of comfort and elegance boasting a supreme 6000 pocket springs, the Victoria 6000 brings the very best of master craftsmanship to the fore. With natural hand teased fillings and an impressive four rows of hand side stitching we are sure this mattress will offer a divine level of comfort and support so that you and your partner can enjoy a harmonious night’s sleep. The level of intricacy and skill that goes into constructing our Victoria 6000 pocket mattress is second-to-none. With an impressive total of 6000 pocket springs in the king size version, our Victoria mattress incorporates market leading spring technology and superior natural fillings for a feel of opulent luxury. Super-high density springs and sumptuous natural fillings offer maximum resilience, comfort and support with minimal mattress turning. Enjoy the enhanced comfort levels of our 6000 pocket spring system for your most supportive night's sleep yet. Providing a medium to firm tension for all shapes and sizes. The 6000 pocket spring system incorporated into this mattress offers a high degree of comfort as it yields to the body, while providing a precise, highly supportive action to the full surface of your body. As your body sinks into the mattress, feel our unique spring system deliver extra support when and where you need it.  The sumptuous fillings are blended with decadent silk, cashmere and wool, to give you a luxurious feel. Egyptian cotton is added, alongside hemp fibres and standard cotton to give superior softness, added strength and cool comfort. These luxurious layers are held together with four rows of hand side stitching, and hand tufted with wool rosettes for even greater levels of durability  and comfort. The Victoria 6000 is designed to bring you a feeling of natural comfort that’s underpinned by a well-balanced layer of exceptional support leaving you feeling rejuvenated after a perfect night's sleep. Your Chelsea bed Co mattress is hand-tufted, this ensures the upholstery remains in place and prolongs longevity of the mattress.

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