Bepanthen Baby Sunscreen 75ml

Bepanthen Baby Sunscreen 75ml

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Bepanthen Baby Sunscreen 75ml Bepanthen Baby Sun Cream is the latest addition to the well loved and trusted Bepanthen range, it has been specially developed for a babies' sensitive skin. Bepanthen Baby Sunscreen is free from parabens, colour, fragrance, and preservatives and is 50+ SPF which is very high protection against the sun. Ensure when choosing a sunscreen for children you look for suncare which is specially designed for babies' skin. As a baby' skin is sensitive, don't just use an adult sunscreen, because even though the sun protection will be just as effective, an adult sunscreen could contain chemicals that irritate your baby's skin or even cause an allergic reaction.The risk of sunburn can be high for babies and young children, so always look to choose a very high factor suncreen, ideally Factor 50. As babies' sensitive skin needs always needs special care in the sun, even more so than an adult's skin, the risk of getting sunburnt in childhood can increase the risk of skin cancer in later life, so it's extremely important that skin protection from the sun is essential.Bepanthen Baby Sunscreen 75ml * Ideal for sensitive skin * Gives UVA/UVB protection * Free from parabens, colour, fragrance and preservatives * Suitable for babies and young children as it has a mild formula DirectionsApply Bepanthen Baby Sunscreen liberally to any part of the baby's body which is not covered up by clothes, remembering always the face, ears, feet and the backs of the hands.

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