Casio 12 Digit Tax and Currency Desk Calculator (DF-120TERII)

Casio 12 Digit Tax and Currency Desk Calculator (DF-120TERII)

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Brand: Casio
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The Casio DF-120TERII has all the functions you need and the extra large
display makes it easy to read. This sturdy calculator also has plastic
non-slip keys for easy of use. The Tax and Currency rates are set by the
user so can be changed at any time and the decimal selector is ideal for
those requiring calculations with more than 2 digits after the decimal
point and the ADD mode reduces key strokes when adding cash.

- Dual Powered
- Currency Conversions
- Extra Large Angled 12 Digit Display
- Tax Calculations
- Correction Key (Back Space)
- Key rollover
- Sign change key
- 4 Constants
- 3 digit comma marker
- 4 key memory
- Non-stick plastic keys
- 00 Key
- Grand Total (GT) key
- Decimal Selector 0,1,2,3,4,ADD
- Round up/Down selector
- Square root
- Rubber Feet
- Double Size PLUS key
- Function Command Signs
- Ergonomically Shaped Keys
- Weight 190g
- Dimensions (cm) 3.3 (H) x 12.7 (W) x 18 (L)
- Two year Manufacturers Warranty
- Battery LR44

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