Grevin Museum Paris

Grevin Museum Paris

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Itinerary: Galerie des glaces You will not believe your eyes or your ears! Designed for the Universal Exhibition of 1900 and transferred to the Grévin Museum in 1906, the sound and light show at the Mirage Gallery (Mirage Hall) has stunned thousands of visitors. Completely renovated, it reopened in May 2006 to present the original show, more spectacular than ever with its new special effects. Do not miss this unique show to share with family or friends! Paris Grévin Magazine The famous characters of the first page are all at the most prominent Parisian addresses: fashion shows, actors in their boxes before going on stage or relaxed atmosphere of the "Brasserie Parisienne" ... You will spend an unforgettable moment with the greatest artists and writers of the twentieth century. Here are some examples: Ernest Hemingway, Luciano Pavarotti, Pablo Picasso Naomi Campbell, Jean Reno, Michael Schumacher, Romy Schneider. Clichés of the 20th century Relive the twentieth century through 10 major events, treated with emotion and immortalized as photographic clichés. Written forever in the collective memory, they were chosen to illustrate the past century: the first step of the man on the moon on the evening of July 24, 1969 to the collapse of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, the first crossing of the Manche with Louis Blériot in 1909 at the 1998 Football World Cup, pull down the thread of our contemporary history according Grévin. History of France From the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, including the Renaissance and the Second Empire of Napoleon, the Grévin Museum traces the history of France: Joan of Arc burned at the stake, Louis XIV and his court at Versailles or assassination King Henry IV. A unique journey that will allow you to meet the men and women who made history. The Grévin Collection Discover the masterpieces that have made the Grévin Museum famous. Relive a century of Parisian history in this sumptuous decor created in 1882, the Hall of Columns and the Dome. Among these masterpieces from the Grévin Collection are the following: Einstein, Charles De Gaulle, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Jackson, John Paul II, Elvis Presley and Alfred Hitchcock.

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