Home - Organic Candle - 01 Sweet

Home - Organic Candle - 01 Sweet

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Enhance the mood with these unique scented candles The puroBIO homemade organic scented candles are made with a blend of organic waxes (coconut, carnauba, palm and beeswax) and combined with natural fragrances derived from essential oils. Each candle burns for approximately 20 hours and are available in various scents which are grouped into relaxing fragrances and energising aromas. The glass that surrounds the candle is 100% recyclable or reusable, while the wick can be disposed of in residual waste. Relaxing fragrances that promote well-being and relaxation: Sweet: sweet and delicious fragrance. Top & heart notes: almond & almond blossoms. Sweet background notes: brown sugar & vanilla. Courage: heavy and penetrating, but inviting fragrance. Top notes: an intensive fragrance of floral ylang ylang notes. Full-bodied heart notes: vetiver & patchouli. Base notes: amber, coconut & vanilla. Irony: intoxicating and warm perfume. Head notes: Sicilian citrus Stimulating & floral heart notes: heliotrope & lavender grown in Provence. Sweet base notes: vanilla & cotton candy. Balance: balanced fragrance Citrus top notes: Sicilian lemon & bergamot from Calabria. Floral heart notes: Provence lavender, Damask rose & lemon balm. Sweet & aromatic base notes: Millefiori honey. Harmony: harmonious fragrance. Sweet top notes: bitter almond Fruity heart notes: almond & orange. Delightful background notes: sugar & vanilla. Energising scents that stimulate the imagination and promote concentration: Energy: simple fragrance with clear and distinctive aromas from around the world. Citrus head notes: Sicilian orange. Heart note: cinnamon from Ceylon island in Sri Lanka, Base notes: vanilla from Madagascar. Passion: clear and pure perfume. Top notes: fresh & tropical lime. Heart note: cinnamon. Sweet base notes: vanilla. Divine: natural fragrance reminiscent of a forest. Top notes: citrus & mint. Floral heart note: lavender & violet. Woody & classic base notes: vetiver, sandalwood, cedar & oud. Pure: Mediterranean scent made up of citrus, flowers and wood. Fresh citrus top notes: orange, cedar & bergamot. Heart note: green tea & orange blossom. Woody base notes: amber & vetiver. Joy: refreshing scent that elevates the mood. Fresh top notes: mint. Sweet heart note: coconut. Sweet background note: vanilla.

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