BaByliss for Men 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit

BaByliss for Men 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit

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The BaByliss For Men 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit is a professional grade
rechargeable trimmer with four interchangeable cutting heads for total
face and body trimming and grooming. Four comb guides offer a variety of
cutting lengths, with a convenient charging/storage stand that is able to
hold all four trimmer heads and accessories.

Four interchangeable heads and comb guides for a variety of uses.
The 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit comes with four interchangeable
heads, a five-position comb guide and body-grooming comb guides. The
precision trimmer can be used without any comb guides and will cut roughly
to a length of 1 mm. Alternatively, it can be used with the five-position
comb guide for a variety of different lengths (3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 mm), or
with one of the three body-grooming comb guides (5, 7 and 10 mm).

For accurate tramlines and detailed effects, attach the detail trimmer
head. For an ultra-smooth finish, use the foil shaver attachment.

Easy trimming of nose and ear hair
The 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit also has a nose and ear hair
attachment. It’s easy to us--simply insert the trimmer head into your nose
or ear and trim the hair by moving it in a circular motion. The trimmer
should only be used at the entrance to the ears or nose. Use any deeper
than this and it can cause injury.

Convenient storage stand.

The BaByliss For Men 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit comes with a storage
stand that is able to hold the trimmer and all four trimmer heads and
accessories. You’ll never be caught out with an uncharged trimmer again,
thanks to the charging capability of the storage stand.

Before using your trimmer for the first time though, you must charge it
continuously for 16 hours. This initial super-charge ensures optimum power
performance to ensure smooth fast trimming every time. Your appliance’s
maximum battery capacity will only be reached after three charging and
discharging cycles.

Cleaning and maintenance
To maintain optimum performance of your trimmer, it is important to
clean away any loose hairs that have collected in the trimmer after each
use. A cleaning brush and lubricating oil are provided for this task. It’s
as simple as removing the comb guides, brushing them, rinsing them under
water and allowing them to dry thoroughly. The trimmer head should be
removed, brushed, replaced and then oiled with the oil provided. The
shaver head can be removed, the foil taken out, and the then the head and
trimmers (not the foil) can be brushed with the cleaning brush.

Three-year guarantee for power that lasts
As with all BaByliss For Men products, the 8-in-1 All Over Grooming
Kit is designed to last. With a three-year guarantee from BaByliss For
Men, you can feel completely confident buying it for yourself or as a gift
for someone else.

BaByliss For Men-Leading the way in male grooming
BaByliss For Men is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical
male grooming appliances. BaByliss tools are used in hair and beauty
salons and BaByliss use this expertise to create top performance products.
All BaByliss For Men products use the latest technology and are thoroughly
tested to give the best performance and results at home.

Box Contains:
- 1 x Trimmer
- 4 x Comb guides
- 4 x Trimmer heads
- 1 x Cleaning brush
- 1 x Lubricating oil
- 1 x Charging and storage stand
- 1 x Comb

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