Helicopter Flight Services - The Ultimate Tour + Empire State Bulding

Helicopter Flight Services - The Ultimate Tour + Empire State Bulding

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New York Helicopter Tour: Helicopter Flight Services is proud to operate top-of-the-line, high-performance Bell407 (up to 6 pax) and EC130 (up to 7 pax) helicopters. The spacious cabins and high visibility windows have been specially designed for sightseeing which allows 180 degree views; no other helicopter operator in New York City can offer these unobstructed views. The Bell and EC130 have proven to be safe, fast and powerful helicopters giving an incredibly smooth ride in virtually all conditions. Pilots are specially trained on both types of helicopters and the state-of-the-art safety system, TCAS. TCAS is an onboard radar system that allows pilots the advantage of managing the air traffic around them. All passengers enjoy their flight with voice interactive headsets to hear and speak to the pilot and each other. Empire State Building: The world-famous 86th and 102nd floor Observatories offer unmatched views of New York City and on a clear day one can see to New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Delaware. 1,050 feet above the city’s bustling streets, the 86th floor Observatory offers panoramic views from within a glass-enclosed pavilion and from the surrounding open-air promenade. 200 feet higher, our 102nd floor Observatory is a private and serene perch in the middle of the greatest city in the world. The Observatories have been a “must visit” for millions each year since it opened to the public in 1931. Each year approximately four million people are whisked to our 86th and 102nd floors, consistently one of New York City’s top tourist attractions. Visit the Observatories 365 days per year, day and night, rain or shine, for magnificent views of Manhattan and beyond. The Empire State Building embodies the feeling and spirit of New York City. It is recognized not only as an iconic landmark offering some of the most spectacular views on earth, but also as an international symbol of shared hopes, dreams, and accomplishment. Accessibility: The Empire State Building is fully ADA compliant. We have handicapped restrooms on the 86th Floor Observatory and also have lowered viewing walls and binoculars. Service dogs are allowed throughout the building. Motorized and non-motorized wheelchairs are permitted. The 86th Floor has ramps to make getting around easier and lowered viewing walls so that visitors in chairs can still take in the view. Additional Options: 102nd Floor Observatory: Upgrade available at Observatory ticket office (2nd floor) or 86th floor kiosk for an additional $20.00. Express Pass: Purchase exclusively from the official Empire State Building onsite ticket office on the day of arrival to move to the front the line. Dining: State Grill and Bar offers a prix fixe dinner package to observatory guests with fresh locally sourced foods prepared in our glass enclosed kitchen and unique, local craft beers and cocktails. There are also two Starbucks, a café, Chipotle, Sushi-teria, and the budget minded Heartland Brewery.  

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