iFLY Fort Worth - Group Flyers

iFLY Fort Worth - Group Flyers

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iFLY welcome flyers from 3 to 103. If you have reasonable health and fitness you can fly. But do check the criteria below before you purchase tickets. There are a few exceptions: Flyers must be over 3 years of age. Participants must weigh less than 300 pounds. Participants who weigh between 260 and 300 pounds must bring this to the attention of an iFLY representative as additional restrictions and instructor scheduling limitations may apply. Women who are pregnant should not fly. Folks with recent back, neck and heart problems should check with a doctor before flying. iFLY recommends people with prior shoulder dislocations DO NOT FLY!   Click below for a complete list of restrictions: https://www.iflyworld.com/flight-restrictions-and-requirements/

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