Motorcycle Digital Odometer Speedometer Tachometer RPM Fuel Level Gauge MPH KM/H

Motorcycle Digital Odometer Speedometer Tachometer RPM Fuel Level Gauge MPH KM/H

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nullDescription:1. LCD digital display2. Fuel level gauge.3. 7 Colors LED Backlight Available4. Both MP/H And KM/H Are Available.5. 4 IN 1 Muti-function Gauge6.Easy to install.7.Fits for all motorcycle.8.High capacity and practical.9.General mechanical speed line interface.10.ODO/TRIP function can be switched on the black button on the back of the meter.Specification:LED Backlight Colors:7 ColorsType: Motorcycle OdometerTachometer (0-10000RPM)Shape: CircleMaterial: Iron plating + Glass surfaceColor: ChromeVoltage: DC 12VSpeedometer unit: KM/H MP/HOdometer unit: kmOdometer measurement: 0-199KM/HMirror Diameter: 67mm/2.63"Mounting hole diameter: 8mm / 0.31"Fitment:Universal Fit For All Motorcycle.Wire Connection:Black = PositiveGreen = NegativeBlue White = Oil GaugeYellow Black = Tachometer SignalSetting:1. Backlight Switch:press the button in the ODO state for 3 seconds to switch the backlight color2. KM/H MP/H Switch : Press and hold the button and then Ignite the bike.The screen displays P0000. At this time, ones place 0 will flash, long press until tens place 0 flash,then short press to make tens place display 1,Then long press until hundreds place flash,And short press 6 times to display 6. Long press until thousands place flash, Short press 6 times to display 6,then the screen shows 00466, this means 46.6HZ corresponds to 60KM/H. Short press to skip this step ,then the screen displays 1001,1001 means KM/H, if you want to switch to MPH, Lond press switch to 1002 ,Which ind

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