Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum & Tour Ticket

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum & Tour Ticket

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Visits to the tour and museum usually last around two and a half hours, including 90 minutes for the tour and an hour for the museum. Highlights of the new Museum include: Fantastic New Cinema Within the walls of the new Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum is a remarkable cinema. The Cinema features a 200° screen that immerses the viewer into the world of The Championships by showing a film about the science of tennis. Filming took place during the 2005 Championships on Centre Court of Russia's Maria Sharapova against Spain's Nuria Llagostera Vives. Graham English Productions used a special panoramic rig that used 5 cameras at the same time, the result of which is a film that can be frozen and rotated around the field of action at any time. Using this technique, the film focuses on 20 different aspects of the match and showed viewers how players' bodies and equipment are affected during the course of a professional tennis match. McEnroe's Ghost Sighted at the New Museum Bringing together an old technique called 'Pepper's Ghost' with new projection and filming technology, the museum is able to create an exciting way to view a scene from Wimbledon's past. In a recreation of the 1980s Gentlemen's Dressing Room, a ghost-like image of John McEnroe appears and takes you through a tour of the normally off-limits area. McEnroe reminisces about his memories about the Dressing Room, including how he first met Jimmy Connors and how he would emotionally prepare himself for matches. The Whites of Wimbledon The fashions of Wimbledon continue to be a point of attention and significance to the story of tennis and the new Museum will house an extensive collection of Wimbledon attire. Everything from outfits worn in the 1880s to Rafeal Nadal's dri-fit 'pirate' trousers are on display. There is also an interactive exhibit where you can feel the weight difference between male and female clothing in 1884. Extraordinary New Technology Interactive touch screen consoles are evenly distributed throughout the Museum hallways. These information access points make up a part of the new and exiting technologies within the Museum. Other features are the 'Get a Grip' rotating wheel of rackets; 'The Reactor' game and an archive of great past Championship matches, all of which can be enjoyed by visitors of any age. Tour Visitors may also take a tour of the grounds, led by specially trained Blue Badge Guides, and gain access to restricted areas normally closed to the public. Included are : • No. 1 Court • The Water Gardens (Henman Hill) • The Millennium Building • The Press Interview Room • The BBC Television Studio (or Centre Court if building work permits) • Entrance to the Museum Tour times: Vary throughout the year.

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