Lido de Paris - Service Premier (23:00)

Lido de Paris - Service Premier (23:00)

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"Le Lido" is Paris The Lido, the Mythical, world-famous cabaret, is the incarnation of Parisian chic and glamour. Founded in 1946 on the Champs-Elysées, the venue is marked by the soul of "Miss Bluebell" who founded the Bluebell Girls chorus line. Combination of tradition and innovation, le Lido is the unequalled symbol of the Parisian nightlife. A New Show Created and directed by Franco Dragone. ​Franco Dragone, whose work has already enthralled over 85 million people around the world. His productions include "The House of Dancing Water" in Macao and "A New Day", Céline Dion's performances in Las Vegas. A new show will foster dreams and perpetuate the legend in spring 2015. With a series of breathtaking sets, sumptuous costumes and a deluge of strass, feathers and sequins, enchanting colours... The Spectators leave for an awe-inspiring voyage, with a sparkle in their eyes like never before. L as in Luminous, I as in Innovative, D as in Delicious and O as in Oh what magic!! A pure Moment of pleasure. On the finest avenue in the world, the Lido is out-of-the-ordinary-often imitated but never equalled. 

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