Benidorm Palace - Spectacular Show

Benidorm Palace - Spectacular Show

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Benidorm Palace is proud to present a new and exciting revue show for the 2018 / 2019 season – ALEGRIAS. ALEGRIAS is a flamenco musical form and above all it can be translated as MERRIMENT and JOY With a cast of 50 talented artists the show will transport you to the excitement of a Las Vegas casino, the colours and cheerfulness of Bollywood, the rhythms and Alegrias of a Tablao in Cordoba and the vibrant merriment of a Tropical feather finale. The show features the talents of singers, dancers, live musicians, acrobats, Argentinian Gauchos, comics, jugglers and the featured magician – David Climent who stars in a thrilling number of magic to make way for the grand finale of the Show.  These Alegrias conclude with the glamour of the renowned Benidorm Palace dancers and the vibrant merriment of a Tropical feather finale. This perfect evening’s entertainment is matched with the delicious dinner that accompanies the show.

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