710 Ready Mix Pen Kit

710 Ready Mix Pen Kit

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710 is leading the way for innovation in the concentrate vaporizer industry with their revolutionary line of Ready Mix! This easy to use and expertly crafted vaporizer is perfectly paired with their Ready Mix to give you a smooth and enjoyable concentrates experience at a manageable price. Made of durable stainless steel and with a ceramic coil for your heating, this vaporizer is efficient and a fantastic accessory to have on hand to utilize for your thinner concentrate oil smoking experiences! Handheld vaporizer Made for concentrates (thin oils) USB charger 6 inches in size 280mah battery Auto-draw activation Body is made of stainless steel 510 threading Ceramic coil heat source Removable mouthpiece Works as a stylus for phones and tablets Includes 710 Ready Mix Vaporizer Battery 1ml Glass Atomizer Cartridge with Ceramic Coil USB Charger with 510 Threading

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