Refrigeratory Kavass Air Purifier Ozonizer Disinfector

Refrigeratory Kavass Air Purifier Ozonizer Disinfector

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Features: Instantly fill the refrigerator with O3, which has extreme sterilization force and kill escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and other microorganisms on food and fruit and the sterilization rate is more than 95%. Use ozone to decompose various odor and smells, avoid taint of food odor, oxidatively decompose pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables and eliminate their toxicity, and prolong the food fresh time. Smart and automatic circular working, regular sterilization operation. Working indicator light flashes every 3 seconds and it flashes every 10 seconds when in standby mode. Delicate style to be perfectly integrated with refrigerator, shoes cabinet, toilet, bath room, wardrobe, etc. How to use: 1. Open the battery cover at the bottom, install 4 AAA batteries(not included), and press the ON/OFF button. If the indicator light flashes green every 3 seconds, the product normally begins to work. 2. Press the MODE button to switch the functions: Mode 1: Press MODE button and the indicator light shows green, the product works for 30mins, and it will circularly work 4mins after regular stop for 2 hours. Mode 2: Press MODE button and the indicator light shows yellow, the product works for 20mins, and it will circularly work 150 seconds after regular stop for 1 hours. Note: When the refrigerator capacity is over 250ml or when the refrigerator is full of strong smell, please choose mode 2. Moreover, please do not put the product in the freezing chamber, instead, it should be put in the upper section of the cooling chamber, as the ozone is heavier than air and it will automatically sink and diffuse.

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