Medieval Banquet + Tower of London

Medieval Banquet + Tower of London

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Medieval Banquet he Entertainment The music is drawn from the Medieval and Renaissance courts of Europe and covers the periods of the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. Our musicians are at the forefront of a reemergence of Medieval English and European musical culture. The music is robust, engaging and emotive, bringing to life 800 year old musical manuscripts that have long been the domain of specialists and enthusiasts. Medieval Banquet Heritage All this takes place with the history of 1000 years beneath your feet! Our production pays homage to this history and notably to the Knights of Portsoken, a group of 13 knights in the retinue of 10th century English King, Edgar the Peaceful. The king gifted to them this very land upon which the banquet sits in recognition of performing three acts of bravery, one above ground, one below ground and one in the water, or so the legend goes. Each evening during the banquet our knights assemble to preserve the history of this ancient rite with an elaborate display of swordfighting There are many opportunities to dance with the cast, sing, bang your fists on the table and cry for your wench to bring you more food or drink! We also have a range of medieval costumes for hire to help you really look the part. BANQUET MENU A SOUP MADE DAILY WITH A SELECTION OF MARKET VEGETABLES A PLATTER OF SMOKED AND CURED MEATS SERVED WITH A GARDEN SALAD A CAULDRON OF ROASTED CHICKEN IN A TRADITIONAL MEDIEVAL SAUCE WITH ROASTED POTATOES AND HONEY GLAZED VEGETABLES SEASONAL FRUIT TART VEGETARIAN OPTION AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST AT TIME OF BOOKING A SOUP MADE DAILY WITH A SELECTION OF MARKET VEGETABLES MOZZARELLA AND TOMATO SALAD WITH BALSAMIC AND BASIL OIL ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH FILLED WITH A ROOT VEGETABLE & BUTTERBEAN CASOULET TOPPED WITH CHEDDAR CHEESE SEASONAL FRUIT TART *** Please note menus are subject to change   Tower of London Things to do and See at the Tower of London: Line of Kings Exhibition For over 300 years visitors to the Tower of London have marvelled at displays featuring arms and royal armour, life-sized wooden horses and figures of kings. The White Tower Currently hosting the Power House exhibition, about the various national institutions founded at the Tower of London, the White Tower is recognised as one of the most important historic buildings in the world. It has become an iconic symbol for Britain and London and is a must do on any trip to the Tower of London. Entry to The White Tower  is included in the Tower of London ticket price. The Crown Jewels The Jewel house at the Tower of London houses the world famous Crown Jewels. 23,578 precious stones and gems make up the Crown Jewels and include the world’s most famous diamond ‘ The Great Star of Africa’. Entry to The Crown Jewels is included in the Tower of London ticket price. The Yeoman Warder tours The Yeoman Warders, also known as beefeaters, are the public face of the Tower of London. As well as guarding the Tower and Crown Jewels they also provide tours for visitor where they regale you with tales from the Tower. Yeoman Warder Tours are included in the Tower of London Ticket Price The Royal Beasts The last thing you’d expect to see at the Tower of London would be Lions, Tigers, Elephants and Polar Bears, but for over 600 years the Royal Menagerie played host to these and many more. Discover their extraordinary stories and what life was like for them at the tower. Entry to The Royal Menagerie is included in the Tower of London ticket price. The Prisoners Exhibition Aside from the Crown Jewels the Tower of London is probably best known for being a prison. Prisoners have been at the Tower almost since it was built and the new interactive displays in the Prisoners exhibition help children and adults explore their stories. Entry to The Prisoners Exhibition is included in the Tower of London ticket price. The Ravens ‘the kingdom and the Tower will fall if the six ravens ever leave the Tower of London’, well according to legend anyway. Whether this is true or not the ravens have become on of the Tower’s most famous sites, just make sure you see at least 6 when you visit! The Tower Green Believe it or not being executed inside the Tower of London was considered a privilege for those of high rank. The Tower Green contains a permanent memorial for those ‘lucky’ enough to be executed there. The Medieval Palace Being the oldest part of the Tower of London, the Medieval Palace contains amazing interiors that you won’t see anywhere else. here you can experience what life might have been like in a luxurious medieval household. Entry to The Medieval Palace is included in the Tower of London ticket price.

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