Hitachi CN16SAL Nibbler 110v

Hitachi CN16SAL Nibbler 110v

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Hitachi 400 Watt CN16 Shear / Nibbler for cutting aluminium plate, mild and stainless steel. The downward cutting action permits cutting of trapezoidal metal plate and minimises the scattering of chips onto the workpiece. Has a lightweight design, and slimline grip. A fast cutting speed of 1.8m/min (mild steel plate). Three position indexing die holder allows quick and easy change of cutting direction. Standard Accessories: die, punch, and 2 wrenches. Specification Input Power: 400 Watt.No-load Speed: 2,300/min.Cutting: Mild Steel: 1.6mm, Stainless Steel: 1.2mm, Aluminium Plate: 2.3mm.Min Cutting Radius: 40mm.Weight: 1.7kg.

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