Remington Beard Kit with XL Adjustable Comb

Remington Beard Kit with XL Adjustable Comb

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It's official, the beard is here to stay. This style staple for modern men
and discerning gentlemen everywhere can now be groomed to perfection with
the Remington Beard Kit.

This kit contains a specialist beard trimmer, three different length
combs, mixed boar bristle brush and stainless steel scissors – everything
you need to trim, shape and style your beard.

Power Surge
The Remington Beard Kit trimmer is powered with a Lithium battery,
which means this must-have gadget delivers long-lasting power and run time
for a superior trimming experience.
After just four hours of charge time, this impressive beard trimmer runs
for up to 120 minutes, giving all the time you need to achieve the look
you want. Not only that, cordless usage means this gadget is totally
versatile and even easier to use when on-the-go.

Tailored Styling
Because every beard is different, this advanced piece of kit
includes a selection of combs to ensure complete versatility when grooming
and shaping your facial hair. For some serious beard action, the XL Beard
Comb is the master of taming longer length beards. With length ranging
from 20 mm-35 m, now even burliest of beards can be kept in check.
The kit also includes an adjustable Beard Comb with lengths ranging from
1.5 mm–18 mm, allowing you to tailor your trim to your desired beard
As well as this, there is a Stubble Comb with lengths ranging from 1
mm–5 mm, so you can select just the right setting to complete your look
and carefully shape and trim your style.

Titanium High Performance
Designed for strength and cutting performance, the Remington Beard
kit trimmer includes Titanium coated, self-sharpening blades for long
lasting results.
Finally, this kit comes complete with fully washable heads to make
cleaning up and maintaining your beard trimmer easier than ever - plus a
Pop-up Trimmer, ideal for detailed styling of sideburns and your moustache.

Key Features
• Titanium coated blades
• Self-sharpening blades
• Pop-up trimmer – for detail styling
• XL length adjustable comb (20-35mm)
• Short length adjustable comb (1.5-18mm)
• Stubble comb (1-5mm)
• Up to 120 mins cordless usage
• 4 hours charge time
• Cord/cordless
• Lithium powered
• Mixed Boar bristle beard brush
• Premium Stainless Steel Scissors
• Charge indicator

2 pin plug

Box Contents
1 x Remington MB4045 Beard Trimming 1 x Charger
3 x Adjustable combs
1 x Trimming scissors
1 x Beard brush

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