Jungle Island - Go Wilder Tour

Jungle Island - Go Wilder Tour

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“Go Wilder” Vip Tour - (This tour must be booked in advance at 305-400-7200 or [email protected]). An experienced guide will ensure that every second of this three-hour Jungle Island tour is filled with special animal encounters. Explore the wild world of animal care as the park’s animal keepers share insight into working with these wonderful creatures. Experience highlights of the “Go Wild” tour plus unforgettable private animal encounters with rare birds, unusual reptiles and exotic mammals. Shows Jungle Island’s three entertaining shows feature some of the wildest animals from around the globe. From the world’s most lethal bird-Cassowary to some of the most amazing animals you will have to see to believe. *schedule subject to change Winged Wonders Times: Daily 13:00 & 16:30 Location: Parrot Bowl Presented in the Coca-Cola Parrot Bowl, Winged Wonders captivates audiences with some of the most beautiful, playful, and dangerous birds from all over the world. Come soar with us and discover some of the world’s most fascinating birds including our very own Andean condor, beautiful stunt-performing macaws, and many other amazing feathered friends. Wild Encounter Times: Daily 11:00 & 14:30 Location: Jungle Theater Wild Encounter will enchant you with some fascinating felines.Don’t miss this exciting presentation of some of the jungle’s most respected animals. This incredible presentation of big cats is produced by T.I.G.E.R.S., The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, an international big cat conservation educational organization. After each show, guests can purchase special, upclose photographs with tiger cubs or primates. Wild Adventures Times: Daily 12:00 & 15:30 Location: Serpentarium While Doctor Wasabi is out on safari, come visit with our animal care staff as we unlock the secrets behind some of the jungle's most rare and unusual residents. Exhibits Posing Area Smile! And don’t forget to take a famous picture with one of our beautiful and colorful parrots. Parrot Cove Times: Daily 11:00 to 17:00 Located at the farthest tip of Jungle Island, Parrot Cove is Miami’s only private beach. This sophisticated tropical beach playground offers breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay and downtown Miami and is exclusively for the use of park guests. After getting up-close to some of the world’s most fascinating animals, park guests can head to Parrot Cove for more adventures under the sun. At this beach oasis located at the tip of Jungle Island, visitors can relax in lounge chairs and then cool off by wading into Biscayne Bay. With the cost of admission to Jungle Island, the entrance fee to Parrot Cove is free. Be sure to stop by Parrot Cove to stay cool and relaxed in between Jungle Island's fascinating animal shows. Manu Encounter Times: Daily 11:00 to 17:00 Location: Manu Fashioned after the clay cliffs in Manu, Peru. This is an interactive experience with Squirrel Monkeys, free-flying macaws and parrots as well as other exotic animals. A brief presentation on the habits and habitats of these animals will be given by one of our Animal Care Trainers who will remain present to answer questions relating to this exhibit. Orangutan School Times: Daily 13:10 Location: Primadomes Witness the tremendous intelligence of our outstanding orangutans as they go back to school. Kangaroo Konnection Times: Daily 11:30 - 16:00 Location: Kangaroo Paddock Come meet and interact with our cuddly Kangaroos! Petting Barn Times: 10:30 - 17:00 Location: Petting Barn by Children's Playground Come pet and feed our petting barn animals. Makes for a wonderful memory and some wonderful pictures! Everglades Habitat & Walk Make your way across a true replica of the Florida Everglades, complete with beautiful flora and fauna from the region. Feed our birds around the park Many of our magnificent birds enjoy being fed by you, our guests. You’ll find them along our jungle paths with food dispensers at each location. Interact with Trainers and Animals As you wander through the park, you’ll encounter our trainers who host an assortment of animals. Touch, ask questions, and make friends. Penguin Exhibit Times: See penguins after each Wild Adventures Show Location: Serpentarium Our South African penguins are so adorable. Come see our fluffy little friends swim and waddle around their penguin pool. Playground It’s your time to monkey around. Frolic on slides and crawl tubes. Tortoise Exhibit You’ll be astonished at the size of these giant tortoises. Some males grow to 500 pounds and can live for 150 years.

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