Sugar Snap Peas (10 Plants) Organic

Sugar Snap Peas (10 Plants) Organic

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Delivery From Late April Onwardssugar Snap Peas Are Well Worth Growing Along With Your Garden Peas And Mangetout Peas, These Plants Are Easy To Grow And Will Produce Delicious Round Podded Types Of Sugar Snap Pea.the Sugar Snap Pea Plants Are Climbing And Will Grow To Approximately 1.5m Tall So Will Require Some Type Of Support, Ideally A Bean And Pea Frame Will Fit The Bill Perfectly.10 Healthy Growing Young Organic Sugar Snap Peas Plantswill Grow To Approximately 1.5m Tallthese Plants Will Arrive Bare-rooted With An Approximate Height Of 8-15cmgrown Pesticide Freeorder Now For Delivery From Late April To July

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