Zoo de la Flèche - 1 Day Pass

Zoo de la Flèche - 1 Day Pass

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A particularity of the Zoo de La Flèche is the diversity of the plant species that it shelters. The botanical decorations contributes naturally to the well-being of the animals and indirectly to that of the visitors. Aware of the stakes that flora represents for its residents, the Zoo emphasizes its preservation and counts among its decorations, more than 800 plant species, all carefully positioned according to the atmospheres recreated for animals. Highlights: More than 400,000 visitors a year 18 hectares dedicated to the visit 90 tons of fruits and vegetables a year Also: 1500 animals of 160 different species that evolve on the park 100 people who work every day for animal welfare and park maintenance Shows and animations assured throughout the season by the teams of the Zoo About 100 births a year

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